Refund Policy

-Consumer Warranty

MangDang guarantees that: during the normal use of the product for one year, the product will not have functional, cosmetic, and hardware problems resulting in the product not working properly, including (1) abnormal scissor foot key structure; (2) abnormal HUB interface transmission function; (3) metal appearance deformation;.

To consumers within one year from the receipt of the goods,

(a)suppose the buyer requests a return or exchange. In that case, it is necessary to clarify whether the consumer's products are a human factor caused by the occurrence of the product can not be used normally, including but not limited to product appearance damage, functional abnormalities, etc.).

(b) MangDang will only receive products that cannot be used normally due to quality problems caused by the manufacturer after the consumer has received the goods.

(c) MangDang does not accept returns for non-product quality issues.

(d) Customer will receive the shipping fee for any exchange due to product quality problems via paypal within 7 days after we receive the receipt of logistics.

Consumers receive the goods more than one year from the receipt of the goods, regardless of whether the product itself is damaged due to quality problems or human factors (human knock caused by damage, spilled liquid on the product, used at a temperature exceeding the working temperature that the product itself can withstand, using a charger that exceeds the power supported by the product, etc.) resulting in the product not working properly, the manufacturer is able to provide consumers with "paid" repair or exchange terms:

1.Exchange: manufacturers charge consumers 50% of the purchase price.

2.Repair: manufacturers charge consumers 25% of the purchase price.

3.For more than one year warranty period, return shipping costs need to be paid by consumers.

4.Return contact:messengers on Facebook: MangDang

5.Please send the cable and keyboard with the MangDang logo on it and include your order number on the package so we can take care of it.

Since MangDang is shipped directly from overseas manufacturers, MangDang does not accept returns or exchanges from consumers who have not yet received the goods or have received the goods, and the products can be used normally. If you have any questions when using the product, please feel free to contact, and attach your order number and a video describing the product problem to facilitate our engineering team to understand the situation of your product better and give you online support.