Mini Pupper - Genuine, Robot Operating System, Open-source, Education Robot Kit
Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts and beyond.

① Custom board  ② Custom battery 

③ Custom servo  ④ Shell parts  

⑤ Carbon fiber    ⑥ Screws  

⑦ LCD module    ⑧ Body parts 

 ⑨ Controller  ⑩ SD card  ⑪  Raspberry Pi4B
Legs pre-assembled
Complete Kit
Research Kit

For K12 and Beginner

For K12 and Beginner

For Hacker and Beyond 

For Hacker and Beyond 

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Don't inlucde Pi, controller and SD card compared to complete kit. 

Everything you need to run and program your Robot Pupper right out of the box. All software is installed and calibration is complete.

Includes all the parts and materials to build and program.

Pre-assembled legs for quick and easy assembly and evaluation.

Add-Ons: Buy 1 Get 1 FREE
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Order( $129)

Buy 1 auto focus OAK-D-Lite 3D camera module

Get 1 set cable(USD $0 $8.5

Buy 1 LD06 Lidar

Get 1 set cable(USD $0 $12

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Source code


Step1: Assemble ---------------------------------- >  Step2: Calibration --------------------------------------- > Step3: Enjoy

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    Our 2 express vendors can ship to 135+ countries/regions, but not including India, Montenegro, Armenia, Nigeria, Colombia, South Africa, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Hawaii, Palmañola, and County Antrim.

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8. Why now version is easier to use compared to the Kickstarter version?

    Please refer to the update document.

9. Others

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